Why footprint?


  • We work with rights holders, collecting societies and other organisations whose jurisdictions cover all the major international markets.
  • As specialists in this field, we can advise on, and negotiate rights across all international linear and non-linear media (Broadcast, VOD, digital, gaming, social, podcasts etc.)
  • Our international licensing work gives us a wide perspective that adds value to what we offer, especially in the area of strategic planning.
  • Our clients are some of the biggest international media companies in the world.
  • They are all competing in the same entertainment space but face common issues around music licensing. They see the benefits of the breadth of Footprint’s client base.
  • Our clients know that, based on where we work and who we work for, Footprint’s judgment on whether a deal represents good value or not can be trusted.
We work with rights holders who cover all the major international markets...

We work with rights holders who cover all the major international markets…



  • In today’s multi-platform entertainment world, every broadcaster, digital service, games platform, programme maker and content provider needs to be aware of all regulatory, financial and technological developments relating to music rights that could affect their business.
  • As specialists in our field, Footprint understands that music licensing structures and practices can change as a result of new developments in technology, case law, EU Directives and statutes, whether at national or international level.
  • Our vigilance in this area means we can guide you on changes that might affect the scope of your existing licences, your future licensing strategy, and what the impact (direct or indirect) might be on commercial relationships that you have with rights holders and distribution platforms.
  • Keeping our eye on the bigger picture is part of our commitment to put you in the best possible situation when it comes to licensing strategy and decision-making.
We give you the bigger picture...

We give you the bigger picture…



At Footprint, we pride ourselves on establishing long-standing relationships so, once the licence terms are finalised and the contracts have been signed, we provide a range of services that guide our clients through their ongoing contractual liabilities.

  • Contracts: Footprint can review all relevant documentation, draft and amend contracts to make sure that the detail supports the overall deal.
  • Compliance: Once the relevant licences are in place, there are ongoing contractual obligations to meet. Footprint provides expert guidance and support on the management of these obligations.
  • Interface with rights holders: Footprint can act as the ongoing interface with the rights holders, collecting societies or other representatives. This helps to give stability to, and consistency in, the relationships with licensors and also provides a valuable filter for you so that you can focus on your business.
  • In-house training: It’s important that, once a licence is concluded, the people relying on its terms are fully aware of what they can and can’t do. Footprint can provide training sessions and/or handbooks for in-house use.
We provide an end-to-end service...

We provide an end-to-end service…

How we CAN help

if you are a broadcast, content maker, online or digital service and you are using music in any way, please continue your journey around our website to discover more about what we can do for your business or, better still, just contact us on contact@footprintmusic.com. We would be happy to talk.

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