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Our expertise will benefit your broadcast blanket & re-transmission licences

You will require a blanket licence from the collecting societies in the country in which the broadcast occurs, but, if you’re an international broadcaster you’ll need that licence to cover the reception of those broadcasts, or their local or regional variants on a multi-territory basis.

As an international broadcaster, your channels are likely to be received and re-transmitted by third party platforms in other countries. This will require further licences to be obtained by these platforms. In some of the mature European markets, the platforms will insist that the broadcaster is contractually liable to obtain or pay for these retransmission licences.

You’ll almost certainly be making new content too, even if it’s just non-programming material, like promos and other interstitials. The reproduction rights to use music in this content will also need to be covered by your blanket licence.

Societies know us as tough but commercially pragmatic negotiators…

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We provide insightful, practical & sustainable strategies…

Footprint has over 25 years experience

over 25 years experience of working with international broadcasters…

We look at the music rights liabilities & risks for all channels & territories…

What we can do for your broadcast negotiations

Negotiating blanket licences with music collecting societies can be a complex and lengthy process. We bring the benefit of our experience and understanding of the relevant markets to the negotiation of each and every music licence, ensuring that we reach the best deal for you. We also know the market norms for re-transmission so we can help you obtain the best commercial terms in your deals with distributors.

It’s vital to have a plan!

  • Music rights costs can have a significant impact on the bottom line of your business, so we will always start the process of obtaining licences by developing a strategy for you that identifies where those impacts are and how best to deal with them.
  • We’ll look at all the music rights liabilities and risks for all channels in all territories.
  • So, whether you’re going to be creating new content, launching new channels, or rolling existing ones out into new territories, we’ll help you with the financial planning that you’ll need to avoid unwanted surprises.

Why use Footprint for your broadcast negotiations?

As a business, Footprint has over 25 years’ experience of working with international broadcasters, advising on music rights, and negotiating blanket licences with collecting societies worldwide.

The breadth of our international broadcaster client base means that we have unsurpassed experience of dealing with music collecting societies in international markets.

Over the years, many of these societies know and respect us as tough but commercially pragmatic negotiators.

How we CAN help

If you are a broadcaster and you are using music in any way, please continue your journey around our website to discover more about what we can do for your business or, better still, just contact us on contact@footprintmusic.com. We would be happy to talk.

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