Strategic Advice

In today's multi-platform entertainment world, every broadcaster, digital service, games platform, programme maker and content provider should be aware of all the music rights regulatory, financial and technological developments relating to music rights that could affect their business.

As specialists in our field, we make it our business to help our clients stay ahead of the game. With our detailed knowledge of the complexities and pitfalls of both the UK and international rights markets, we can advise on all aspects of music rights and licensing worldwide.

Clarity and certainty

With our skills, we can bring legal clarity and financial certainty to any plans you have for using music in linear or non-linear media, either in the UK or overseas.

Expert guidance

We can also provide expert guidance on the management of your contractual liabilities, including reporting your music usage to collecting societies. And as a matter of course, we deal with collecting societies and other organisations whose jurisdictions cover all the major international territories.