Rebrand and Website Launch!

At Footprint, we are proud to say that we have accomplished several exciting business developments in the past year, so what better way to celebrate this than with a fresh new branding style? Thanks to brand communications expert Geoff Hocking and his team at Breathe Creative, we are pleased to announce the completion of Footprint’s new branding and website.

Our new logo has a vibrant magenta colour and contemporary design, representing our forward-thinking approach to work.

The process of choosing a logo was a new and thought-provoking experience – it provided an opportunity for us to be introspective and think about how we want to represent Footprint. There was a lot to consider: how can our logo illustrate we do? how can it represent the people at Footprint? how similar could it be to our previous logo? Which colours will help our brand stand out? How memorable should the logo be? – the list goes on.

Our final ‘play button’ design takes inspiration from Footprint logos of time gone by, staying true to the history and core values of our business. The ‘play button’ has been a staple of Footprint’s branding since our first logo in 1994 – see how this design has evolved over time in the timeline below:

Once we had aligned on the logo, we started the process of building our brand. We wanted the brand to be professional and keep the character of our previous brand designs, which have included fun and casual elements too – those that know Footprint well will remember the team as avatar characters on our old website! The result includes plenty of colour and funky icons to compliment the revitalised website copy, which adopts a concise and purposeful tone.

We look forward to using our new brand to grow Footprint’s online presence, including through our social media which launched in August! Find our LinkedIn page at the link below – stay up to date with the latest Footprint news and music licensing conversations over there.