Music Reporting

Complying with your music rights reporting obligations can be a hassle that you may not want to deal with, or you may not have a member of staff who can take on the role. No matter what your reporting obligations are, or to which societies you are required to report, Footprint Music can help by managing, organising and completing your music reporting requirements. Whether you have full census reporting or sample days, single or multi territories, we can advise on manual reporting, electronic platform reporting and audio recognition.

So what can we offer?

We offer 'manual reporting' solutions for those channels where electronic reporting is not an option. This involves us collating the required data into an Excel format acceptable for the relevant society's needs. This will then be submitted on your behalf for each required day of reporting. For those who have larger reporting obligations, such as full census, we offer a music reporting management service.

So what is the management service?

We can team up with electronic music reporting and audio recognition service providers to create a full music reporting solution for you. Our management service includes assisting with the set-up of the electronic music reporting platform, integration with your broadcast management system, as well as staff training. Training covers all levels of user, from the administrators of the platform you choose to those who will need to create usage reports, as well as in-house and external producers and production companies.

Once set up, we will manage the whole reporting process on an ongoing basis, ensuring that all historic cue sheets are loaded and that all the data on them is acceptable to report. This will also be the case with new productions, as we will monitor and chase up/amend missing or incorrect data that will prevent the production from being reported. We can even supply you with quarterly reports on your music usage.