Music Licence Negotiation

Anyone planning to use music in linear and/or non-linear formats, whether in TV channels, simulcasts/streamed channels, catch-up or VOD, or using mobile technologies or apps - has to know what they're doing. Getting the right music licences on the best possible terms can make a world of difference to the commercial success of your business.

International Licensing

With continuing developments in global distribution, the issues surrounding music rights are becoming more and more complicated. As a matter of course, we deal with collecting societies and other organisations whose jurisdictions cover all the major international markets. As specialists in this field, we can advise on, and negotiate rights across all international linear and non-linear media.

Let us be your Guide

In a business that can seem like a maze, we can be your interface with the rights holders, the guide that will get you through, keep you out of trouble and - in all probability - save you money on the way.